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Ladies night out!  Decided to have have a lovely dinner at Toronto’s Fishbar on the trendy Ossington strip, a strip that has so much offer and lot’s of beautiful people.  The atmosphere was modest.  Not too loud, not too quiet.  We ordered a bottle of Malbec of  and the Arugula Salad (gala apples, parmigiano-cheese and a delicious walnut dressing).  Always a perfect salad choice to start your palettes.  We decided to share two entrees.  The Fishbar Taco (mahi mahi & shrimp ceviche, guacamole, chili, corn shell) and the Coconut Water Tuna Tartare (mango, jalapeno, pickled cucumber and micro cilantro greens).  Absolutely amazing!  We even had room for dessert.  What a wonderful evening and and amazing dinner.  *****

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