Happy 150 Canada!


Go on road trips, swim in the sea, count the stars, first true love, be free!


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins xoxo


Organic Peas, Spinach, Cucumber, Mint and Basil Baby Puree



Crowd favorite over here for sure!!!! Introducing herbs!  So fabulous.

1/2 cup of organic peas ( already pureed)

a handful of organic spinach ( steamed or raw)

1/2 organic cucumber

3 Mint leaves

2 Basil leaves

1 – 4 tbsp of Water or Bone Broth until you reach your preferred texture.


***If your family has a history of food allergies or if you have any concerns, please speak to your pediatrician before offering nuts to babies or kids.***


Chives and Rosemary Centre Piece… Bandana Napkins

This allows your dinner guests to help themselves at dinner, and it adds a natural fresh herb aroma 🙂

  Glass Square Candle Holder – Dollerama.  


The bandana is also so incredibly useful in the kitchen and dining area.  Use bandana’s as table napkins or wipe up spills and messes in the kitchen.  They are durable and washable.  There are so many patterns to choose from. IMG_5552